ENS Welcomes The EU Parliament Decision On The EU Taxonomy CDA

European Nuclear Society together with its High Scientific Council truly welcome the decision of the European Parliament to adopt the EU Taxonomy ’s Complementary Delegated Act.

Nuclear is seen clearly by a majority of the EU parliamentarians as a sustainable energy source, providing clean carbon-free, affordable and reliable electricity to European citizens. The green label for nuclear will allow the sector to access financing opportunities at the equal level with all other technologies.

The scientific assessment of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC JRC) provided in April last year played a key role in the political discussions on nuclear sustainability. The ENS High Scientific Council supports the stance of the EC JRC.  

We welcome the initiatives and instruments that are proposed for the Financial Sector to enable the transition towards a carbon-neutral EU. The Taxonomy is a crucial tool for guiding investors and helping sustain the EU technological leadership.

We believe that nuclear energy is and will be a key element for a sustainable EU economy, and therefore for a sustainable EU society. 

The ENS President Prof. Leon Cizelj:

As a scientific society of 12.000 nuclear experts, representing academia, research institutes and industry, we strongly support the EU climate neutrality 2050 goal. We are ready to put our efforts and contribute as well to the 2030 CO2 reduction emission objective of at least 55%. In this regard we are convinced that these EU short- and long-term targets are only achievable with all low-carbon technologies, nuclear included. The EU Taxonomy is a key instrument to provide it.