ENS Welcomes the Inclusion of Nuclear Energy Into NZIA

The European Nuclear Society welcomes the inclusion of nuclear technologies in the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA), as outlined in the provisional deal reached between the Council and the European Parliament. This crucial step acknowledges the essential role of nuclear energy among low-carbon technologies in achieving NetZero goals and cutting CO2 emissions.

The full recognition of nuclear energy underscores its significant contribution to Europe’s leadership in industry, science, and research. By embracing nuclear technologies within the NZIA framework, Europe reinforces its commitment to innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

We praise the decision to integrate nuclear energy into the NZIA. This inclusion not only accelerates progress towards carbon neutrality but also positions Europe at the forefront of global efforts to combat climate change. It also enhances European independence from external energy supply.

stated Dr Eng. Stefano Monti, ENS President.

The European Nuclear Society remains dedicated to advancing nuclear energy as a vital component of Europe’s clean energy transition and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping a low-carbon, more sustainable future.