Enusa signed the first contract with South Korea’s KEPCO

Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, ENS Corporate Members, signed a supply contract with Korea Electric Power Company (Kepco) for equipment to measure the degree of burn-up in used NPP fuel elements.

This is Enusa’s first contract with South Korea and is the result of an international tender called Kepco in October 2020.

Enusa’s SICOM NG-FA represents an innovative advance in the design of this type of equipment, which is lighter and more versatile.

This inspection system shows the radiological characterization of the spent fuel assembly by means of gamma and neutron detectors, allowing to measure the burnup, gamma and neutron profiles and great axial spatial resolution.

Enusa started the development of SICOM NG-FA in 2007, and it has been used in inspection campaigns at Spanish nuclear power plants.

It must now be adapted to the different fuel designs operating in the South Korea.

Enusa considers the contract as the recognition of the company’s commitment to innovation and internationalization, as well as a starting point for further collaboration in the management of used fuel.