EPZ Vision 2033 – A Strategy For Dutch Nuclear Energy

The “EPZ vision on nuclear energy in the Netherlands after 2033” (Visie EPZ op kernenergie in Nederland na 2033) is a key strategy document recently published by the Dutch nuclear operator EPZ, ENS Corporate Member.

The document (here available in the Dutch version) explains EPZ’s ambitious plans for the future of nuclear energy in the country, including the lifetime extension of the operating nuclear power plant of Borssele after 2033, as well as the interest in building two new Generation III 1,500 MW plants.

The cost of these new facilities is worth approximately 8 to 10 billion euros each and the plants are expected to be ready around 2035.

According to the document, the total generation of 3,500 MW in the mid-2030s should approximately cover 25% of the current Dutch electricity demand, substantially helping the country reaching the climate-neutrality goals.