Euratom Supply Agency Is A New ENS Member

A wonderful 2021, rich in successes and achievements, is close to ending, but it’s not yet over!

Today we are glad to announce that Euratom Supply Agency (ESA) became the 30th Member of the European Nuclear Society.

The mission of ESA is to maintain regular and equitable supply of nuclear materials (ores, source material and special fissile material) for all users in the European Atomic Energy Community.

The strategic objective is the security of supply of nuclear materials, particularly nuclear fuel, for power and non-power uses, by means of the common supply policy.

Moreover, ESA plays a key role in the European Observatory on the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes. The Observatory aims to assess, monitor and
support the EU supply of medical radioisotopes, with the emphasis on the most vital Molybdenum99/Technetium-99m (Mo-99/Tc-99m) radioisotope, used in 80% of all nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures.

Visit the Euratom Supply Agency webpage.


It is great to see the ENS community growing and cooperating together with the European top companies and agencies in the nuclear sector.

A big welcome to Euratom Supply Agency colleagues!