A Successful Irradiation For Framatome’s 3D-Printed Nuclear Fuel Elements

Framatome’s 3D-printed nuclear fuel elements successfully completed the first cycle of irradiation in operating conditions at the Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant, Switzerland.

These experimental stainless steel and nickel-based alloy components were installed here in 2019 for a five-cycle programme.

Additive manufacturing accelerates product development and the manufacturing process, to bring high-quality products to market quicker.

The innovative technique manufactures metal parts with complex geometries, and it also offers customizations and significant improvements in the performance of manufactured components.

Framatome aims to launch additive manufacturing for its industrial manufacturing of fuel assembly components for pressurized water, boiling water and VVER reactors.

The technique is also regularly used for other nuclear fuel applications such as rapid prototyping, and manufacturing of test components and fuel production line tools, in-reactor fuel inspection and repair services tools, research reactor fuel assemblies, and uranium metal medical targets.

3D design and printing offer reliable quality and money-saving options, so the nuclear sector actively supports this technology.

Together with Framatome, other ENS Corporate Members like GE Hitachi Nuclear, Westinghouse and ROSATOM are pioneers in the use of this technology, .

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