Framatome and AGH Cooperate To Support Nuclear Education In Poland

Framatome (ENS Corporate Member) announced last week the signing of a three-year collaboration agreement with AGH University of Krakow (pol. Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza), Poland, to support educational programmes that foster growth opportunities for students pursuing nuclear energy professions.

Framatome and AGH University will promote joint initiatives to support the nation’s nuclear programme by preparing graduate and post-graduate engineering students for long-term careers in nuclear energy.

These programmes will teach technical knowledge aligned with the industry’s needs and provide a foundation for working with advanced technologies. Activities will also include research in the areas of structural mechanics, thermal-hydraulics, EPR cycle, safety and accident analysis for nuclear components and systems.

By providing six-month internships, lectures, recruitment opportunities, and joint research initiatives, Framatome aims to contribute to the growth and success of the nation’s nuclear industry.

According to Framatome, the new partnership will attract talented students to the nuclear profession and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for long-term careers in nuclear energy.

Read the Framatome Press Release.

The growing demand for workforce and the need to attract, train and retain talents in the nuclear sector are widely shared by nuclear and new-to-nuclear countries.

Poland is actively developing strong partnerships between industry and academia.

The cooperation between Framatome and AGH expands the existing programmes that the French company already has with the Wroclaw and Warsaw Universities of Technology.

Furthermore, six Polish universities (including the three ones abovementioned) have recently launched new nuclear energy-related courses, aimed at educating and training the future nuclear workforce, so as to support Poland’s ambitious nuclear plans.