Framatome’s New E&T Project To Be Supported By France Relance

Education, training and skills development are more and more important in a fast-changing world.

That’s why Framatome (ENS Corporate Member) invests nearly 200 million euros every year in its industrial facilities and promotes a dynamic policy for skills development and training by recruiting nearly 1,000 new employees each year.

On 16th March, the “Centre Calculs Bourgogne” project, presented by Framatome to continue supporting and strengthening E&T and skills development in the nuclear sector, has been selected and will benefit from support from France Relance, the French national plan of investments promoted by the President Emmanuel Macron.

This project is part of our skills development and recruitment strategy. It helps to strengthen our local presence and to develop our skills and those of the French nuclear industry in the field of Mechanical Calculations.

said Bernard Fontana, Framatome CEO.

Indeed, the Center Calculs Bourgogne (CCB) project aims to create a center of expertise and training dedicated to Mechanical Calculation, particularly relevant for the nuclear sector, but also in many other fields.

Networking within the nuclear sector is one of the ambitions of the project, aiming at involving local players in initial and continuing training. So, Framatome will organise a diploma training course specifically dedicated to mechanical calculations, which will be provided at the Center Calculs Bourgogne training school, in partnership with an engineering school and open to many companies of the sector.

Read the Framatome Press Release (French).