The French Recovery Plan Includes Funds For Framatome Nuclear Projects

Framatome nuclear projects were selected to receive funding as part of the France Relance” recovery plan, several French ministers announced last week.

The Framatome projects selected are focused on investing in new activities and modernizing the nuclear energy industry.

Funding from the France Relance plan will support projects at the company’s nuclear fuel and component manufacturing facilities across the country.

Some of these projects are:

  • FAB-ATF, which focuses on developing and qualifying new manufacturing capacity for fabricating accident tolerant fuel (ATF);
  • CAP INDUSTRIEL, aiming to modernize and scale up production, quality control and compliance of the mechanical parts needed to construct the latest generation of nuclear reactors and modernize and extend operations of those currently in service around the world;
  • FRENCH FAB Métallurgie project, which aims to heighten regulatory controls and enhance the manufacture of large-scale nuclear forgings;

Read the Framatome’s Press Release.