Framatome To Support Long-Term Operation of the Dominion Energy Nuclear Fleet

Framatome, ENS Corporate Member, recently signed a contract with Dominion Energy to support the long-term operation of the US company’s nuclear fleet.

This contract covers nuclear plant outage and maintenance work, including fleet steam generator services, refuel services, and inspections through 2026.

Framatome’s expert teams already some of the above-mentioned services, MRP-227 examinations, 10-year in-service inspections, component repair services and replacements at 39 US nuclear power plants in 2020.

Millstone, North Anna, Summer and Surry are the NPPs operated by Dominion Energy in three different states (Connecticut, South Carolina and Virginia).

Collectively, these four power stations provide enough carbon-free electricity to power more than 3 million homes.

Read the Framatome’s Press Release.