Framatome technology for Holtec SMR-160

Holtec International has selected Framatome to supply nuclear fuel for the SMR-160 small modular reactor.

Holtec and Framatome have entered into an agreement to enable completion of all necessary engineering to fuel the SMR-160 with Framatome’s commercially available and well-proven 17 x 17 GAIA fuel assembly.

By adapting the SMR-160 to utilize standard Pressurized Water Reactor fuel in its core design, Holtec has substantially eliminated risks associated with nuclear fuel, ensuring fuel-related operational experience from the current light water reactor fleet operating world-wide is relevant to this reactor.

Critically, the inclusion of Framatome in the Holtec SMR-160 program ensures that a prospective SMR-160 plant owner will have ready access to a robust international fuel supply chain.

Read more in this Holtec’s press release.