Framatome To Upgrade Systems And Equipment At Krsko NPP In Slovenia

Framatome, ENS Corporate Member, recently signed two contracts to upgrade systems and equipment used to manage operations at the Krško NPP in Slovenia.

The company will design, deliver and install new instrumentation and control (I&C) systems and replace the thimble tubes, which are an important part of the plant’s in-core neutron flux measurement system.

Framatome’s team will replace the plant’s existing I&C system that is part of the anticipated transient without scram mitigation system actuation circuitry (AMSAC) cabinets.

The AMSAC system provides backup to the primary protection system responsible for tripping the turbine and initiating auxiliary feedwater flow.

It was developed to prevent excessive reactor coolant system pressure after an anticipated transient without scram (ATWS) event.

Read the Framatome Press Release.