Framatome And Vattenfall To Cooperate On Ringhals NPP Modernisation

Framatome and Vattenfall (both ENS Corporate Members) announced new contracts for the modernisation of the Swedish Ringhals nuclear power plant.

According to the agreement, Framatome will modernise the plant’s reactor control system using its proven digital instrumentation and control (I&C) TELEPERM XS platform.

The modernisation also includes the upgrade of the KSU Simulator at Ringhals. The new reactor control system will be installed and commissioned in 2026 for Unit 3 and in 2027 for Unit 4.

In addition to the control system upgrades, Framatome will also refurbish six reactor coolant pumps (RCPs). Within the primary loop, RCPs are fundamental to the safety and efficiency of nuclear power plants.

Once inspected and refurbished in France, the elements will then be shipped back to Sweden to progressively replace the current operating equipment starting 2025 through 2031.

Read the full Framatome Press Release.

Sweden produces more than 30% of its electricity from its six nuclear reactors operating in Forsmark, Oskarshamn and Ringhals.

Ringhals site is also at the core of a feasibility study for the deployment of at least two small modular reactors (SMRs), which began in June 2022.

Ringhals is a suitable location for SMRs because they can replace there the two permanently shutdown units within the existing legislation, and there is already grid infrastructure in place that makes connecting new electricity generation simpler, Vattenfall said.