GE Hitachi And Kärnfull Announce SMR Cooperation in Sweden

A Memorandum of Understanding on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) has been signed between Kärnfull Next and GE Hitachi (ENS Corporate Member) for the BWRX-300, a 300-megawatt water-cooled, natural circulation SMR with passive safety systems.

The model leverages the design and licensing basis of larger boiling water reactors, a technology Sweden has significant experience with.

According to Kärnfull Next, Sweden’s energy consumption continues to grow and there is a demand for ever-increasing amounts of clean, fossil-free and reliable supply.

Meeting this challenge and fulfilling future demand will require innovative solutions, that’s why this pioneering company in the SMR sector in Scandinavia signed the collaboration agreement with GEH.

We’ve chosen our partners carefully to build a reliable supply chain that will allow us to deliver cost-effective and timely fossil-free energy

says Kärnfull co-founder John Ahlberg.

As industry and investors join forces to accelerate the energy transition, global interest in the BWRX-300 is rapidly growing and we are excited to be working with Kärnfull to bring this technology to Sweden.

said Jon Ball, Executive Vice President for GEH.

Small modular reactors (SMRs) can provide utility and industrial customers greater flexibility than traditional reactor designs and can deliver clean, carbon-emission free energy that can be used to supply in several commodities including electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels and industrial heat.

Read the full Kärnfull Next Press Release.