GEH & TerraPower Launched the Natrium™ Reactor and Storage System

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) and TerraPower announced the launch of the Natrium™ reactor and energy system architecture.

This advanced nuclear technology features a cost-competitive sodium fast reactor combined with a molten salt energy storage system.

Building on the technology used in solar thermal generation, Natrium energy storage and flexible power production will offer abundant clean energy in time to help meet climate goals.

Natrium technology’s novel architecture simplifies previous reactor types.

Non-nuclear mechanical, electrical and other equipment will be housed in separate structures, reducing complexity and cost.

The design is intended to permit significant cost savings by allowing major portions of the plant to be built to industrial standards.

Natrium reactors are designed to provide firm, flexible power that seamlessly integrates into power grids with high penetrations of renewables.

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