IAEA announces peer review service for research reactors

The IRRUR review mission is designed to assist IAEA Member States in improving the utilization of research reactors facilities.

The IRRUR service is a holistic IAEA peer review conducted by a team of international experts who have direct experience in research reactors and with a broad scientific, managerial and operational background that is related to research reactor utilization and applications. The review can be directed to all the major activities of a research reactor or limited to specific facility mission areas and is based on IAEA guidance on the strategic planning for and utilization of research reactors.

The main objective of the IRRUR service is to assist IAEA Member States in performing a thorough assessment of the utilization of a research reactor, of its existing and potential capabilities, and to identify further utilization areas, research and development, as well as products and services that the research reactor can provide. Read more