IAEA Pre-OSART Report on Flamanville-3 Is Now Available

The French Nuclear Safety Authority (Autorité de sûreté nucléaire – ASN) has made public online the IAEA report of the pre-OSART (pre-Operational Safety Review Team) mission, which took place from 4-17 July 2019 at the Flamanville-3 nuclear power plant, under construction in Normandy.

The main purpose of OSART missions is to verify the implementation of IAEA safety standards and they are organized under the request of member states. Each mission is led by a team of around ten international experts, who carry out an in-depth examination of the level of safety of the plant concerned.

The conclusions of the mission to Flamanville-3 are generally positive and recognize the involvement of site management in improving safety and operational reliability. The experts thus identified eight good practices, six recommendations and fifteen suggestions.

The recommendations and suggestions are the subject of a dedicated action plan, the results of which will be assessed during a monitoring mission scheduled for March 2021.

The next OSART mission in France is scheduled for November 2020 at the Paluel nuclear power plant.

Read the full IAEA Report here