IAEA Launches A New Research Project On Dosimetry In Diagnostic Radiology

The IAEA has launched a five-year Coordinated Research Project (CRP) to improve the accuracy of dosimetry in diagnostic and interventional radiology.

The new CRP starting this year seeks to provide data needed for the update of the IAEA Technical Reports Series (TRS) No. 457 “Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology: An International Code of Practice”.

International standardization in dosimetry is essential for the safe and effective optimization of radiation technology in the clinical environment.

This is particularly true for medical diagnostic procedures in radiology that contribute to an ever increasing proportion of the total population dose from human-made sources of ionizing radiation.

Different irradiation conditions in terms of incident X-ray beam quality and geometry have led to the definition of application-specific dosimetric quantities and methods.

In line with the IAEA’s role to provide guidance in dosimetry, a need was identified to explore new X-ray technologies and detectors used in the clinical environment for the update of the IAEA TRS-457 which would also include the perspectives of both the standards dosimetry laboratories and clinical radiology medical physics environment.

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