Message from the ENS Board of Directors

Brussels, 10th March 2022



The European Nuclear Society is suspending all activities with organizations associated with the authorities of the Russian Federation and Belarus until the end of aggression in Ukraine.

Such activities would be incompatible with the charter of the ENS, in which “The ENS commits to supporting the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology, and is prepared to express this position openly in any relevant context”.

This commitment includes refraining from providing expertise or disseminating information when there is a clear or presumptive external interest in the illicit use of this expertise or information.

This also includes suspension of the corporate memberships of ROSATOM and ATOMTEX in the ENS until further notice.

The ENS fully supports the call of the IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi “for all parties to refrain from any measures or actions that could jeopardize the security of nuclear material and the safe operation of all nuclear facilities”.



ENS Board of Directors