Mochovce-3 Successfully Completed Power Commissioning Phase

The Slovak operator Slovenské elektrárne announced the successful completion of all power startup operations at Mochovce-3, clearing the path to commercial operation.

The new unit has completed a 144-hour demonstration run at full reactor power to show it was ready for safe operation. This test was the last one of a commissioning process which has lasted for more than a year with hundreds of safety tests taking place and the power has been gradually increased.

Mochovce-3 reached the first criticality on 22 October 2022, while this year it has been connected to the Slovak grid on 31 January, inaugurating a long series of tests at various power levels.

The third unit is an important pillar of our efforts to ensure a stable and safe supply of electricity for Slovakia … and help us fulfil our obligations in the field of climate change. Our goal is to continue investing in the technologies of the future in order to ensure a sustainable future for people in Slovakia and Europe.

Branislav Strýček, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Slovenské elektrárne, said.

Slovenské elektrárne noted that since being connected to the grid on 31 January this year, Mochovce-3 has supplied 1.2 million MWh, sufficient to cover the average annual consumption of about 500,000 Slovak households.

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Mochovce-3 has a VVER-440 pressurised water reactor (PWR), with an installed capacity of 471 MW.

The generation from this new unit will cover about 13% of Slovakia’s total electricity consumption, increasing the share of nuclear energy in the total electricity mix from 52% to 65%, putting the country second behind only France.

Furthermore, the annual production of the reactor will save 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.