More Than 80% Of Poles Support Country’s Nuclear Programme

Several opinion polls in Poland have recently shown record support for the country’s nuclear energy projects.

A poll commissioned by business daily Gazeta Prawna and national radio station RMF FM found that about 83% of Poles support Warsaw’s plans to build the country’s first NPPs. Among them, 44% of participants are strongly for the proposed construction, while 39% are “rather” in support of the idea. Opponents of the project amounted to 9.5% of the surveyed.

A similar poll for the Rzeczpospolita newspaper showed that 86% of respondents saw the construction of new nuclear power in the country as “a good idea”. Similarly, about 9% of the respondents were of the opposite opinion.

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One year ago, the Polish Ministry for Climate and Environment published a survey asking citizens for their opinions on nuclear energy and its possible deployment in Poland in the coming decade.

74% of respondents at the time supported its deployment in Poland, recording an 11% increase from a previous opinion poll, while 78% of Poles considered the construction of new NPPs to be a good way to fight climate change, as nuclear energy is a low-carbon source.

Poland has recently signed international agreements to build the country’s first NPPs by 2033.

Under a 2020 nuclear programme, Poland has ambitious plans to build from 6,000 to 9,000 MW of installed nuclear capacity based on Generation III and III+ large-scale, pressurized water reactor (PWR) designs.