New Milestone Achieved In The Slovak Decommissioning Project

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced further progress in the Slovak nuclear decommissioning plan, as two Soviet-era reactors at the Bohunice nuclear power plant have been fully dismantled and the components decontaminated for safe storage or recycling.

The work was funded through the Bohunice International Decommissioning Support Fund (BIDSF) supported by the European Commission together with Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and managed by the EBRD.

This is the first time reactors of this type have been decommissioned and disassembled directly on site.

The work was completed on schedule and within budget and will provide valuable experience and expertise for other decommissioning work around the world.

Work at the site to take apart and process the remaining equipment and systems will be completed by 2025. Civil structures and power plant buildings will then be demolished, and the area made safe for redevelopment by 2027.

Read the EBRD Press Release and watch there the video of the work in progress at Bohunice.

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