The New PSI Pharmaceutical Laboratory Is Ready For Production

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI, ENS Corporate Member) announced that its new pharmaceutical laboratory for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals is ready for production, accordingly to the operating licence granted by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic).

For more than 20 years, in collaboration with ETH Zurich, PSI researchers have been developing new radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of tumours.

Now, thanks to this new facility, small batches of these highly specific drugs will be produced there in future and will be delivered directly to hospitals.

The new PSI pharmaceutical laboratory offers three state-of-the-art production units to meet the requirements of good manufacturing practice.

The three units to be operated are radionuclide-specific. This allows different biomolecules to be combined with one radionuclide per unit. To produce the radionuclides, the Centre for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences can use the particle accelerators at PSI’s large research facilities.

Read the full Paul Scherrer Institut Press Release.

This year, the European Nuclear Society dedicated several events and activities focusing on nuclear medical applications and radioisotopes production and supply.

This one has been also the key topic of the Panel Discussion, opening the last European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) in Budapest, 6-10 June 2022.

Moreover, last February ENS organised the webinar “Radioisotopes for life. Ensuring European supply – Stakeholders and opportunities. The final report of the event and the video are available here.