NNTP To Boost The Training Cooperation In The Nordic Countries

The Nordic nuclear power companies, TVO Group, Vattenfall (both ENS Corporate Members), Fortum and Uniper, engage in extensive cooperation to promote the development of the nuclear industry.

The Nordic Nuclear Trainee Program organised by the nuclear power companies is so designed to provide new professionals employed in the nuclear industry with versatile capabilities to work in various positions in the nuclear sector during their career.

A total of 12 new professionals from the four companies take part in the 18-month-long training program.

The program provides the participants good capabilities for working in the nuclear sector, regardless of their specific positions.

Each of the companies contributes to the program with thematic training periods.

For further information about the NNTP training program, please visit the program website at https://nuclearhero.com.

Read the full TVO Press Release.