NRG And TerThera Cooperate To Secure Terbium-161 Supply

Last week, NRG (ENS Corporate Member) and TerThera signed an agreement for irradiation services in the High Flux Reactor in Petten to produce Terbium-161.

The non-carrier-added (NCA) Terbium-161 is produced by neutron irradiation of highly enriched Gadolinium-160 targets in the Dutch research reactor.

Terbium-161 is a promising novel radionuclide for cancer treatment, that can meet the growing demand in cancer healthcare, exhibiting comparable (radio)chemical characteristics to known radiolanthanides.

Early research suggests however that as much as 16-fold increase in Auger and conversion electrons are emitted by Terbium-161 resulting in improved anti-tumor capabilities for primary and (micro)metastasized cancers.

The first case report, published in February 2023, observing the increased therapeutic value of disseminated metastatic disease using Terbium-161 PSMA for Radioligand Therapy (RLT) after a single cycle provided early confirmation of Terbium-161’s potential.

Thanks to the irradiation agreement, the two companies will work together to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 in support of cancer healthcare around the world.

Read the full NRG Advancing Nuclear Medicine Post.

Medical applications of nuclear technology are used all over the world. Every year, 30 million people benefit from a diagnostic procedure or treatment by nuclear medicine for at least 60 different pathologies – and these numbers are steadily increasing. New facilities are crucial in order to meet the rising global demand.

Last year, the European Nuclear Society dedicated several events and activities focusing on nuclear medical applications and radioisotopes production and supply. This one has been also the key topic of the Panel Discussion, opening the last European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) in Budapest, and it will be a fundamental debate also at the upcoming RRFM 2023 in Antwerp.

Furthermore, ENS and the European Supply Agency (ESA, ENS Member) organise the Special Session “Beating Cancer – Turning the tide with medical isotopes” next 17 April, in Antwerp and Online. The event will give an insight into diagnoses and therapies using medical isotopes and nuclear medicine in Europe. We will shed light on exciting developments of radiotherapeutics in recent years, its contribution to personalised medicine, and many other key topics. Further details and registration are available here: