NRG And Curium Sign Contract For Production of Mo-99

NRG (ENS Corporate Member) and Curium have signed a multi-year contract for the production of molybdenum-99, the starting material for technetium-99m (Tc-99m).

Tc-99m is the most used isotope in nuclear medicine for diagnosing life-threatening diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, lung and brain disorders and cancer.

With this renewed collaboration 30,000 patients a day can continue to rely on the Petten nuclear medicine manufacturing capabilities.

Every year, some 49 million treatments are carried out on patients with nuclear medicines, and Tc-99m is used in more than 80% of these examinations. Both NRG and Curium are market leaders and therefore important links in the supply chain of Tc-99m. NRG uses its High Flux Reactor (HFR) to produce the isotopes, which Curium then uses for its nuclear medicine products for the benefit of the patients.

Read the full NRG Press Release.

This year, the European Nuclear Society dedicated several events and activities focusing on nuclear medical applications and radioisotopes production and supply.

This one has been also the key topic of the Panel Discussion, opening the last European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) in Budapest, 6-10 June 2022.

Moreover, last February ENS organised the webinar “Radioisotopes for life. Ensuring European supply – Stakeholders and opportunities. The final report of the event and the video are available here.