NRG And PALLAS Together For A Shared, Innovative Future

NRG and PALLAS aim to fuse together as one organisation, as announced by Bertholt Leeftink, CEO NRG/PALLAS.

By combining our forces, we are able to make large steps forward in the development and production of nuclear medicines used for diagnostic purposes and for the treatment of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. To this end, we need to establish a state-of-the art infrastructure that is being developed as we speak,” said Bertholt Leeftink.

NRG is the world’s largest producer of raw materials for nuclear medicines, while PALLAS is in the process of realising the new infrastructure that is necessary to continue to hold this position.

A smooth transition from the High Flux Reactor to the new PALLAS-reactor is essential to guarantee both the supply of medical isotopes and the research function. Preparations are being made to realise the new PALLAS-reactor.

For the High Flux Reactor, in addition to the existing maintenance program, NRG initiated the continued safe operation (CSO) program in 2018, which focuses on controlling the consequences of obsolescence. This program is now examining a period lasting until at least 2030 in which the HFR should remain operational.

Read here the full NRG Press Release.