NRG And Terrestrial Energy Start Graphite Irradiation Testing For IMSR

ENS Corporate Member Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) and Terrestrial Energy have started a graphite irradiation testing programme for the Integral Molten Salt Reactor power plant at NRG’s high flux research reactor (HFR) at Petten in the Netherlands.

The work is part of a broader programme of testing of components and systems for the IMSR plant, which uses Generation IV reactor technology for electric power generation and heat for industrial heat applications.

Terrestrial Energy is proposing to build a 195-MW IMSR at Chalk River in Canada, aiming at commissioning it in the late 2020s.

The plant operates at high temperatures (600 Celsius) and is said to be 50% more efficient than traditional reactors.

It uses a graphite moderator and standard assay low-enriched uranium fuel with the same level of enrichment (less than 5% U-235) as in conventional nuclear plants.

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