Nuclear-21 New Report Focuses On Paradigms For International Standardisation

Interest in harmonising approaches to the design, evaluation and certification of nuclear installations is universally recognised since longtime.

Significant progress has been made but the process has not yet been completed and the situation now appears to be stagnating.

To make further progress in this difficult area, radical actions should be engaged as suggested by CNSC President Rumina Velshi at the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation’s (IFNEC) Global Ministerial Conference: “ …I think the time is now to think boldly and look critically at regulatory frameworks and be open to the need to re-engineer them. It may be time for a paradigm shift in the regulatory space.”

Practical proposals are necessary to characterise this “Paradigm shift” and to identify how this can be translated into an innovative harmonised approach.

Through its last “Perspectives” report, Nuclear-21 provides innovative proposals which can help paving the way for the definition of programs which realisation could contribute to the advancement of the reflection.

Read the full Perspectives report here.