NUKEM Completes Tests for Advanced Waste Cementation System

NUKEM Technologies (ENS Corporate Member) recently announced the successful completion of the mock-up for its cutting-edge solidification plant.

This milestone marks a significant achievement in advancing the safe and efficient treatment of radioactive waste generated during the operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants and facilities, the company said.

Before deployment in nuclear facilities, machines and equipment for waste treatment undergo thorough testing at full-sized test facilities, known as mock-ups.

Cementation is a widely adopted and cost-effective solution for encapsulating various types of radioactive waste into a solid, secure form suitable for long-term storage.

The cementation units developed by NUKEM Technologies can treat a wide range of radioactive waste, including high salt-loaded evaporator concentrates, radioactive ash from incinerators, ion-exchanger resins, absorber and filter materials, radioactive sludge as well as NORM waste and hazardous waste from oil and gas extraction facilities, refineries and the chemical or medical industry.

The in-drum cementation process involves sealing liquid radioactive waste inside a 200-litre drum. The end products are externally uncontaminated steel drums containing immobilized waste in a cement matrix.

The entire process is designed for automatic operation, minimizing the need for operator interaction. A unique QR code is generated for each drum, containing essential information about the waste, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the process.

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