NUKEM’s Radwaste Facilities At Ignalina Received Operational Licence

The Ignalina Solid Radioactive Waste Management and Storage Facilities, built by NUKEM Technologies GmbH (ENS Corporate Member), is now operational.

On 28th March 2022, following the approval of the Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR), the Lithuanian State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI) granted Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) for industrial Operational permit for Solid Radioactive Waste Management and Storage Facilities.

NUKEM was contracted by INPP for design and construction of New Solid Waste Retrieval Facility and New Solid Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities. The project was executed on a turn-key basis and the scope of NUKEM’s supply has covered design (Technical and Detailed), manufacturing and supply of the equipment, construction works, installation and commissioning of the facilities.

The Solid Waste Storage facilities (B4) consist of two intermediate stores – one for short-lived waste which is capable to store about 2500 m³ of waste and another for long-lived waste for storage about 2000 m³. Both facilities allow the waste packages to be stored for a period of 50 years.

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