PALLAS Receives Nature Permits To Build Advanced Research Reactor

Environmental Service Noord-Holland Noord has granted a permit for the construction of the PALLAS-reactor and for the realization of the Nuclear Health Centre (NHC) under the Nature Conservation Act.

The granting of the permit means that the company can continue with the realization of the building plans on the Energy & Health Campus in Petten.

Marco Visser, licensing manager PALLAS:

This is a wonderful step forward. Our approach, project specific ecological research, has shown that nitrogen deposition does not stand in the way of the realisation of the PALLAS-reactor and our production facility at the NHC.

Ecological research

On May 29 2019, the Council of State put a stop to the Nitrogen Approach Programme. The municipality of Schagen and PALLAS anticipated this decision at an early stage and decided before May 29 2019 to conduct ecological research themselves.

A lot of research was done into the ecological quality and resilience of the adjacent nature reserves and into the effects that further increases in nitrogen deposition could have.

Great care was also taken to prevent or limit nitrogen emissions during the construction and use of both facilities, including through smart design.

The Council of State already ruled in March 2020 that it was sufficiently substantiated that the realization of the PALLAS-reactor would not lead to significant consequences for nature.

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