PREDIS, the Newest Project for Better Handling for Radioactive Waste

The project “PREDIS: Pre-Disposal Management of Radioactive Waste” aims to develop and improve safer treatment and conditioning methodologies and processes for waste.

The project addresses innovation and break-through technologies for better handling of low-level and intermediate level radioactive waste, with a focus on the treatment of metallic materials, liquid organic waste and solid organic waste which can result from nuclear power plant operation, decommissioning and other industrial processes.

The project also addresses digitalization solutions for improved safety and efficiency in handling and assessing cemented-waste packages in extended interim surface storage.

VTT Technical Research Center is the coordinator of the project, which involves several European companies and universities and ENS Corporate Members, like SCK CEN, Ansaldo Nucleare, Paul Scherrer Institut and NRG.

More details on VTT Press Release.