Rosatom’s Cyclotron for Development of Nuclear Medicine and Research

On July 15-17, 2020 JSC Efremov NIIEFA (Saint-Petersburg), shipped off the equipment, which is part of an isochronous cyclotron СС-30/15.

Nine containers of total weight 120 tons were sent to Thailand, where JSC Rusatom Health Care and Kinetics Corporation Ltd. carry out the construction of the cyclotron and radiochemistry complex ordered by the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology.

The cyclotron СС-30/15 with proton energy of up to 30 MeV is the key part of the complex, which is designed for the development of nuclear medicine and research.

Multi-purpose small-size isochronous cyclotron СС-30/15 made by JSC NIIEFA will be used to accelerate ions of hydrogen and deuterium (protons and deuterons), while controlling the final energy in the range of 30 – 15 MeV, correspondingly.

Radiopharmaceuticals which can be sensitized in the radiochemical laboratory of the cyclotron and radiochemical complex will give a broad opportunity to carry out high-efficiency diagnostics and therapy over a broad range of illnesses mainly in cancer and cardiology.

Besides, the complex will provide for research to made new radionuclides use in medicine, study material property changes (particular, semiconductors) under beams of protons, deuterons and neutrons, radiation corrosion of metals, radiation stability of radio electronic instruments and structure of neutron-excess nuclei, as well as carry out the neutron activation analysis.

From Rosatom Press Release.

Additional details are available in this abstract “Cyclotron System for Thailand Institute
of Nuclear Technology”