First Criticality Achieved at Leningrad 2-2

Russian State Corporation Rosatom announced the achievement of the first nuclear reaction recorded at Leningrad 2-2.

This is the first time the nuclear facility has reached the minimum controllable power.

This means that the neutron flux control equipment has recorded stable neutron capacity, and the first self-sustained controlled nuclear reaction has commenced in the reactor core.

The plant, a 1,085-MW Generation III+ pressurised water reactor, or VVER, will now undergo a series of tests before nuclear regulator Rostechnadzor can approve a phased increase in power levels and commercial operation, Rosatom said.

The commercial launch of unit 2 of Leningrad 2 is scheduled for 2021.

The new power unit will take over its ‘elder brother’, Leningrad-2, a 925-MW Soviet-designed light water graphite reactor, or RBMK, which had been effectively in use for 45 years and is scheduled to be permanently shut down.

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