Rosatom Starts ATF Operation At The Unit 2 Of Rostov NPP

The first Russian-made fuel bundles with experimental ATF fuel rods (Advanced Technology Fuel) have been loaded into VVER-1000 reactor core at the power unit 2 of the Rostov NPP in Russia, which has resumed operations after the scheduled maintenance and refueling.

Each of the three combined VVER-1000 fuel assemblies of the TVS-2M model contains twelve experimental fuel rods: six of them have their cladding made of chromium-nickel alloy, and the other six have a standard zirconium alloy cladding with chromium coating.

These technological solutions enable to either completely eliminate or significantly slow down the zirconium-steam reaction in the reactor core in case of an accident in the reactor core.

Prior to the start of the pilot ATF irradiation, the joint team of specialists from the Fuel, Machine-building and Power divisions coordinated by Rosatom State Corporation (ENS Corporate Member), carried out a large-scale work for validation of loading of the innovative fuel bundles into a commercial reactor, in order to comply with the appropriate license from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

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