Rosatom Tech and IAEA to Cooperate in Nuclear Science, Security and Energy

Rosatom Technical Academy (Rosatom Tech) is the first IAEA Collaborating Centre to extend its work with the IAEA into three different programmatic areas: nuclear sciences and applications, nuclear security and nuclear energy.

Rosatom Tech was originally designated last year as an IAEA Collaborating Centre in the field of knowledge management and human resources development for nuclear energy and nuclear security.

Following an agreement, signed on the sidelines of the 64th IAEA General Conference last month, the Academy will now also focus on conducting Joint Rosatom IAEA schools on non-power nuclear applications and developing associated learning materials, such as handbooks, brochures and e-learning courses.

Collaborating Centres work with the IAEA in specific technical areas, sharing knowledge and resources in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy to help governments achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Of the 46 Collaborating Centres offering research, development and training, most work with the IAEA in a single thematic area, while a few engage in two areas of work.

Read the IAEA Press Release.