SCK CEN Celebrates HADES Laboratory’s 40th Anniversary

On 27th April, the Belgian research centre SCK CEN (ENS Corporate Member) celebrated the 40th anniversary of its HADES underground laboratory.

The construction of the laboratory at 225 metres below ground level started in 1980. Here, scientists perform research into the mechanical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of clay and the interaction between the radioactive waste and the materials in which the waste will be packed.

During these 40 years, HADES has grown to be a cradle for research into geological disposal. Pioneering exploratory work gave way to industrial demonstration projects and large-scale trials.

The research results, computer models and simulations are promising. The radioactivity that after thousands of years would be released from the clay layer in strongly diluted concentrations, has no impact on humans or the environment.

The underground laboratory HADES is now operated by ESV EURIDICE, an economic partnership between the Belgian research centre and ONDRAF/NIRAS.

Read the full SCK CEN Press Release.