SCK CEN Launches The New Strategy “Exploring 2040”

The Belgian research centre SCK CEN (ENS Corporate Member) yesterday unveiled its new strategic plan “Exploring 2040”.

Presenting the new strategy, and disclosing heavy investments in new infrastructure, SCK CEN DG Peter Baeten said

This infrastructure is a necessity to increase our social impact in three areas […] Focused innovation and investment is the way to go.

SCK CEN Explore 2040

“Explore 2040” – SCK CEN Infrastructure Strategy

Indeed, the investment plan mainly focuses on three key sectors – dismantling and waste, innovative nuclear systems and nuclear medicine – in which the Belgian research centre wants to increase the social impact of its research and applications.

So, the research on innovative nuclear systems, such as small modular reactors, shows the SCK CEN’s intent to play an important role in climate-neutral electricity production.

Looking at the future decommissioning of the current Belgian NPPs, the nuclear research centre aims also to prepare Belgian players for the domestic and foreign dismantling market.

Furthermore, the research centre aims to expand its role in nuclear medicine.

Our BR2 research reactor has long been an indispensable production hub for medical radioisotopes. We will continue to fulfil that role, but our ambition is also to evolve into a pharmaceutical player in pre-clinical research and pilot production of new radiopharmaceuticals for cancer therapies”

Mr. Baeten explained.

In addition to assignments for clinical and industrial partners, the research centre is also envisioning its own cancer research line. That line of research will focus on innovative treatments for three specific cancers: glioblastoma (brain cancer), colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

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