A Calendar Full Of Events For SCK CEN Radiobiology Unit

A calendar full of events is waiting for the SCK CEN Radiobiology Unity these first months of 2021.

Here the list of these interesting events and lectures:

Nobel Prize lectures

  • Medicine and physiology Nobel Prize: “Hepatitis C virus” by Stefan Bourgeois, ZNA), 25th January, 11am-12
  • Chemistry Nobe Prize: CRISPR cas9 by Elias Adriaenssens, UA, 15th February 11am-12
  • Physics Nobel Prize: Black holes and relativity by Hugues Sana, KUL, 27th of February, 11am-12

World Cancer Day lectureThe Cancer microbiome”, 4th of February 2021, The Cancer microbiome, by Charlotte Segers

1st international workshop on radiobiology of molecular radiotherapy, 17-18th of March 2021, free virtual meeting (Member of org committee: An Aerts) https://www.mrtradiobiology.com/workshop/

60 years of humans in space & 20 years of crewed ISS operations: why Belgium matters?, 12th of April 2021, free online event. (Org: S. Baatout) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/60-years-of-humans-in-space-20-on-iss-why-belgium-matters-tickets-133475297207