Swedes Support Nuclear Energy And Potential New-Build

A recent poll has shown that about half of Swedes would consider building new nuclear power and see nuclear as a tool to achieve the country’s climate goals.

According to the poll, 46% of respondents wanted to continue using nuclear power and, if necessary, build new reactor units, 31% said they agreed with using existing nuclear plants, but did not want new-build, and 14% wanted an earlier phaseout of nuclear power.

The poll was conducted in May 2021 by Novus for Analysgruppen, a network of experts and researchers from industry and academia. Analysgruppen has followed opinions about nuclear power in Sweden since 1997.

The poll showed that 57% of participants recognised nuclear “partly or fully” as a tool for reaching Sweden’s climate target, while 21% said it did not make any difference.

Read the full NucNet article.

The Swedish Nuclear Society, ENS Members, highlights the importance of these results and stresses how the mix of nuclear power, hydropower and wind power, complementing each other in an excellent way, allows Sweden to produce 98% of its electricity without fossil fuels.

“New nuclear power – Yes, Thank you!” – from the Swedish Nuclear Society website