Tecnatom Actively Contributes To The Development Of IAEA Documents

Since 1957, Tecnatom (ENS Corporate Member) has been providing several services to the nuclear sector, mainly inspection and structural integrity servicesoperation personnel training via the use of full-scope simulators and plant operation support engineering.

Thanks to its long-standing, high-level experience, Tecnatom joined the IAEA technical meeting called: “IAEA Technical meeting on Instrumentation and Control and Other Advanced Digital Technologies for the Support of Plant Performance Optimization”, held in Vienna between 30th August and 2nd September.

The main purpose of the meeting was to review the draft of a document (“technical report”) with the same title as the meeting. In this document the concept of “performance” is extended to include the assessment of the performance of a nuclear power plant in all its aspects, not only in the thermodynamic performance.

Tecnatom usually participates in the elaboration of IAEA documents, contributing with its expertise in the development and use of technologies such as:

  • Use of simulators for design and optimization of operation.
  • Instrumentation and control, fault tolerance systems and the first uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automatic operation.
  • Computerized operating procedures (TecOS PROCEED) for both plant and field operations, such as inspection and maintenance
  • Performance and peak power monitoring, classical systems and systems using Machine Learning (ML) (TecOS SOLCEP)

and many others.

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