Tecnatom To Develop The Plant Simulator Platform For ITER Project

The ITER, the world’s largest nuclear fusion project, began its five-year assembly phase one year ago in Cadarache, and it is expected to be over in late 2025.

The €20bn ITER project will replicate the reactions that power the sun and is intended to demonstrate fusion power can be generated on a commercial scale.

The steel and concrete superstructures nestled in the hills of southern France will house a 23,000-tonne machine, known as a tokamak, capable of creating what is essentially an earthbound star.

ITER operations will be carried out from the control room, and its operators must be trained to be prepared to face major risks. For this reason, it is necessary to have an operator training simulator, in the same way as is done in nuclear power plants.

Tecnatom, an ENS Corporate Member, is leading the development of several parts of the ITER project, like the simulator platform of what will be the ITER operator training simulator, the integration of existing models developed by different suppliers, the integration of the control systems, the development of additional models, maintenance and training on the platform.

For the integration of the control systems, Tecnatom will rely on its partner Cosylab, a Slovenian company expert in this type of control.

The project, which has already begun, will have an initial duration of four years, although it is intended to be a project in which we will carry out activities throughout the life of the ITER project.

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