Teplator, A Revolutionary Nuclear District Heating System

Researchers at the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen have come up with an innovative solution: the Teplator.

The Teplator is a system that uses the radioactive decay heat produced by spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors to heat water.

The team, led by professor Radek Skoda, has already patented this revolutionary system.

“It would be possible to heat all big Czech cities just from the reserves of spent fuel already available today in the Czech Republic”

Skoda also added that the Teplator’s dimensions are similar to the ones of nuclear research reactors already operating in major European cities, but it is much simpler in terms of technology and design because it “only” generated heat.

The interest in this innovative technology is considerably growing in Europe, as the Teplator is being considered a very cost-effective alternative to coal and gas-powered plants.

Spent nuclear fuel rods seem to become more than simple waste…

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