Tractebel Leads The Restart Of The Construction Of Angra-3 In Brazil

A consortium led by Tractebel (ENS Corporate Member) has recently finalized the first stage of the project that will enable to resume the construction of the Unit-3 at Angra nuclear power plant in Brazil.

The Angra Eurobras NES consortium, made up of Tractebel and Empresarios Agrupados, has indeed now completed the due diligence and evaluations stage.

The purpose of this stage is to analyze and evaluate in detail the information and documents on the project of the Owner. the engineer involved carried out a budget study and elaborated an activity schedule for the power plant’s completion.

They also delivered a preliminary Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract Specification Report that covers all the technical aspects, including the technical qualification criteria for the selection process of the EPC partners.

Once operational, the reactor will help secure the energy supply in the country by generating over 1.4 GW of low-carbon electricity per year, enough to power around six million homes.

Read the full Tractebel Press Release.

Brazil has two operational nuclear plants, Angra-1 and Angra-2, which provide around 2.7% of its electricity production.

Last february, the Brazilian state-run power company Eletrobras signed a contract to restart the Angra-3 nuclear power plant project (a 1,245-MW Siemens/KWU PWR) in Rio de Janeiro state.

The plant is now scheduled to go into operation by the end of 2028.

The country’s national energy plan until 2050 estimates an expansion of 8 to 10 GW of nuclear power.