Tractebel To Support The First Light Fusion’s Project In Oxford

Tractebel (ENS Corporate Member) and First Light Fusion signed a framework agreement to develop the first projectile fusion demonstrator in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The Machine-4 (M4) is a research and experimental facility, which First Light will use to demonstrate Net Energy Gain – the process of getting more energy out of fusion than is required to create it. Once operational, M4 will be the largest pulsed power driver in the world, at approximately 75 metres in diameter.

The M4 facility is under development at the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA) site in Culham (Oxfordshire) and First Light Fusion aims for completion in 2024.

First Light’s new fusion approach, projectile fusion, is a branch of inertial confinement fusion, which occurs by compressing and heating fusion fuel.

Projectile fusion works by launching a projectile into a target containing the fusion fuel. The projectile impacts the target which amplifies the energy of the projectile, imploding the fuel to the temperatures and densities needed for fusion, delivering also a much higher pressure to the fuel.

Tractebel will then provide its specialist engineering expertise to help deliver the demonstrator by the scheduled completion date.

Read the Tractebel Press Release.