TVO Loaded Two Fuel Assemblies Equipped With 3D Printed Filters

Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) plays a pioneering role in the utilisation of 3D technology in the nuclear industry. The company loaded two fuel assemblies equipped with 3D printed filters for the exclusion of foreign material in the reactor of Olkiluoto-2, during the refuelling outage carried out at the Finnish nuclear power plant.

These are the first 3D printed fuel components with regulatory approval for use at a nuclear power plant. The StrongHold AM filters were manufactured by Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB using the 3D print technology.

We can boast playing a pioneering role, even globally, in the utilisation of this new technology at nuclear power plants

says Fuel Procurement Team Leader Arttu Knuutila from TVO (ENS Corporate Member).

With 3D printing, it is possible to include in the foreign material filters structures that could not be produced with conventional manufacturing methods. The construction of the filters provides improved protection against the entry of foreign material in the fuel assemblies.

The foreign material filters of the fuel assemblies are designed to prevent fuel damage by stopping any foreign material from entering the fuel assemblies.

The 3D technology can be used to produce at competitive prices also products that are difficult or even impossible to find on the market.

Read the full TVO Press Release.