Urenco Setting Out Net Zero Roadmap

Urenco (ENS Corporate Member) is setting out its Net Zero journey into a clear roadmap as part of its commitment to reduce its own emissions and those of its supply chain.

The company has already committed to achieving net zero in advance of 2040 as a signatory of the Climate Pledge.

This is now being translated into a clear roadmap with interim targets, with the intention of a fast and strong contribution to achieving net zero emissions within Urenco’s operations by the target dates.

The interim science based targets will ensure the company makes the progress needed to help keep the global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees.

CEO Boris Schucht said

Urenco is committed to maintaining our position as a trusted global industry leader; contributing to a sustainable net zero carbon future; operating safely and forming partnerships to deliver measurable positive impacts.

As part of the net zero transition, Urenco is also looking at the nuclear fuel cycle with the intention of having its own facility dedicated to advanced fuels’ production. These require substantially less uranium than conventional fuels, reduce waste, and improve the performance inside reactors.

Furthermore, the company is ramping up its responsible stewardship of nuclear materials at its new Tails Management Facility (TMF) in the UK.