Urenco Signed STEM Partnership With Cambridge University

Urenco (ENS Corporate Member) signed a multi-year partnership with the University of Cambridge, which aims to support nuclear energy-related higher education and attract and retain more and more talents to the sector.

The Social Impact Partnership (SIP) with the Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre (CNEC) let Urenco become a member of the Nuclear Industry Club, a gathering of important energy and engineering companies that are committed to the future of the industry and need more nuclear scientists, engineers and managers coming through their doors.

Urenco will then be able to contribute to CNEC’s research strategy, input into the design of a master’s curriculum for scientists, mathematicians and engineers, take part in distinguished speaking seminars and access a pipeline of potential future employees.

STEM education is incredibly important to us, especially during these fast-changing times for our industry where talent and skills will be critical to our success in continuing to provide global energy security.

said Sarah Forman, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Urenco.

Read the Urenco Press Release.

The growing demand for workforce and the need to attract, train and retain talents in the nuclear sector are widely shared by nuclear and new-to-nuclear countries.

In the United Kingdom, following the launch of its flagship body Great British Nuclear (GBN), the Government announced the creation of a New Nuclear Skills Taskforce to support skills activity in the nuclear sector and to meet nuclear skills growth opportunities by bringing together government, employers and academia.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the EU Year of Skills, the European Nuclear Society is dedicating special interviews with international experts to innovation, talent attraction, knowledge management and challenges in the nuclear industry.

“In the UK the overall future prospects for the sector are exciting”, said Callum Thomas, CEO of Thomas Thor (ENS Corporate Member), in the interview “The Nuclear Workforce Of The Future – Opportunities And Needs For The International Nuclear Sector”.

“Several discussions are ongoing around how to attract people to the industry, and how to communicate to the public the great opportunities that a career in nuclear offers. Furthermore, there are several, big infrastructure projects going on in the UK in other sectors, so nuclear has to compete for the best talent,” he added.