Urenco To Cooperate With Bechtel To Support Energy Security

Last week, Urenco (ENS Corporate Member) inaugurated a new partnership with the global construction company Bechtel for the provision of front-end engineering services to support the expansion of Urenco’s Tails Management Facility (TMF) in the UK so it is capable of processing greater volumes of the by-product of the enrichment process.

The plan would support this sustainable practice, which enables low-concentration uranium to be used again or converted for safe storage and disposal.

As consequences of the climate crisis and energy security concerns in the light of the current geopolitical situation, Urenco needs to meet increasing customer demand in the long term as more countries and utility companies turn to nuclear energy for the first time – or seek to extend or diversify their existing nuclear fuel supplies.

Read the Urenco Press Release.

The importance of long-term strategies, investments, and further efforts towards diversification of suppliers to ensure nuclear fuel cycle security is a topic that ENS, together with Urenco, Euratom Supply Agency (ENS Member) and Orano, recently discussed in the event “Fuelling Europe’s Future – Uranium Supply, Conversion and Enrichment“, which took place in Brussels on 25th October.

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